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"This organizations has own Ukrainian staff and all are volunteer people. The reason of my support is the fact that the volunteers have knowledge, organize very good projects concentrated on the education from children, the protecting of young women by giving good information and other but need the support from abroad."
Bob Wouda

Director, Care Centre The Hynder Hoeve, the Netherlands

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"Thank you Sergey for all you do and for giving me the opportunity to help. I plan to continue to support the Teenager fund as funds allow and I look forward to next years camp. Hopefully we can reach even more kids! I think between my two accounts I only sent $400 or $500 but when I look at everything I own and all the donations ive made to several other organizations, this summer camp and the teenage fund in general is the best money ive spent in a very long time. Thank you for making it possible!"
John Wagner

US philantropist