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Project "Building eco village

for IDP in Ivano-Frankivsk region"

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Date: October 2015 - until today (open)

Project offer on “Building eco village for IDP from ATO and Crimea territories in Ivano-Frankivsk region”

Project aim:  building eco village for IDPs from ATO and Crimea territories in Ivano-Frankivsk region to solve housing problem and creating new work places by implementing new eco-technologies.

Project tasks:

1. Providing accessible eco housing using energy-saving and renewable energy sources (development of eco building);

2. Creating effective environment for living, work and psychological rehabilitation and social-cultural rehabilitation. Overcoming negative effects and stigma and internally displaced person. Release from fear, providing safe and calm state of mind, especially for those who have no place to return to;

3. Creating village with high level of household and psychological comfort, while saving business activity by earning at intellectual work and art work and still being socially active;

4. Production high-quality organic food for internal use to fulfill all village needs;

5. Self-sufficient food production will help families who have low income (retired, jobless, with small children);

6. Solving energy source problem by using energy saving technologies and renewable energy sources;

7. Decrease of unemployment level by creating new jobs in eco village (creating eco friendly production complex).

Problems to be solved by the project

For the moment about 1.4 million people are IDPs in Ukraine. All these people lost their homes, jobs, and everything they had. Most of them had houses in ATO and Crimea territories and now they to rent flats while paying most of their income for rent-payments and facilities.

Most part of IDPs as well as most part of Ukrainian population lives in big cities. People from provincial territories, especially youth, tend to go to big cities in order to find better job and stay there. Due to increasing number of urban population we suffer the following:

- increase of inflation due to demand for pricy city life;

- increase of social concurrency among people and as a result increase of unemployment;

- increase of prices for flats due to big demand for it;

- increase of social instability and emotional tension both individual and society, especially among IDPs, youth and retired;

- deterioration of ecology:погіршення екологічних показників:

a) atmosphere – due to increasing number of cars and new factories which emit CO2;

b) water (biological and chemical pollution);

c) ground (trash and chemicals);

d) psychological health (large number of people living in small territories).

Speaking about ways out of the situation we have we should name creating eco villages as the one which will allow to solve all problems mentioned above. Eco village is a new way to solve multiple problems of Ukrainian society and state using ecological technologies..

Project target group

- IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region

Number of people in eco village:

- At the beginning stage it will be about 60 families (active people who are ready to spare their time to develop eco village)

- At the final stage it will be about 100 families

These are figures for 1 eco village.

This project requires support at the first stage. We plan to attract foreign donors for financing in future.

Creating stage tasks:

1. Permission for long term rent or permanent usage by NGOs of 150 hectares in Ivano-Frankivsk region;

2. Creating initiative groups for project realization and attracting active project participants;

3. Fundraising for starting supportive businesses and first stage development of eco village (wood, glass and other processing for making building materials required to build eco village);

4. Implementing economical model of eco village development.

Project realization plan

Stage 1: Land lease or property rights for NGO

1.1. Location permit project (first project month);

1.2. Village project with georeferencing (first project year)

Village will be built on renter (or received as a property by NGO) territory. For 1 village with agro-industrial complex we need territory of about 150-160 hectares.

- 3 hectares for living block ( 0.03 hectares for house and for small holding). On the first stage we plan to build 60 houses (total number planed is 100 houses).

- 4 hectares for building of common use places (administrative building, shops, engineering buildings)

- 150 hectares for building of agro-industrial complex.

Stage 2: Building houses and creating infra-structure by community.

Residents will have following services:

- Trash pickup, cleaning of garbage and snow;

- Service of utilities and bore-drains;

- Street lights;

- We plan to build administrative buildings, shop, common recreation area.

2.1. Equipmentforcarpenter’sworkshoptomake framesandpanelforhouses, furniture (firstprojectyear).

Realization of this stage will allow:

- to create our own manufacture

- to create new jobs for IDPs

- cut expenses for building houses for IDPs

- in future to create goods for IDPs at self-cost

- to access regional level to sell our goods and use these money for building more houses for IDPs and develop our manufacture.

At first we start with 4-5 IDPs who have experience of such work and who will further train other IDPs.

2.2. Equipmentforglassworkshoptomakeinsulatedglassunits (firstprojectyear);

Realization of this stage will allow:

- to create our own manufacture

- to create new jobs for IDPs

- cut expenses for building houses for IDPs

- in future to create goods for IDPs at self-cost

- to access regional level to sell our goods and use these money for building more houses for IDPs and develop our manufacture.

At first we start with 3-4 IDPs who have experience of such work and who will further train other IDPs.

2.3. Equipmentformakingconcreteandconcreteproducts (firstprojectyear);

Realization of this stage will allow:

- to create our own manufacture

- to create new jobs for IDPs

- cut expenses for building houses for IDPs

- in future to create goods for IDPs at self-cost

- to access regional level to sell our goods and use these money for building more houses for IDPs and develop our manufacture.

At first we start with 6-7 IDPs who have experience of such work and who will further train other IDPs.

2.4. Building houses using dome principle (first to fourth project years)

Dome houses are very solid, can withstand strongest winds and seismic activity. Due to its perfect aerodynamic shape these houses are the safest in areas with strong winds and hurricanes which is quite important for our area. It is also very efficient in bio-energetic sense. It is built using piles or ribbon foundations. Its sphere like shape makes it look light but still solid. It results in another profit we get from dome houses – no need for additional expenses to decorate houses. Spherical houses, even if they are small, look unusual and make owner to be proud of his home. 

Another advantage of spherical houses is its high energy efficiency and good light and sound allocation. Thus building dome houses is creating comfortable homes who will improve energy saving due to less surface with contacts with environment and without additional insulation expenses. Due to equal distribution of heat, such houses have perfect energy balance – it is cool in summer and warm in winter. Besides, indoor premises get much more light as dome structure diffuses light and there is no need in more expensive and brighter indoor light. According to specialists’ calculations saving reaches 90% in comparison with traditional houses.

Additional advantages of building dome homes:

- economy of 50% of resources

- can be built by our own means

- we do not need to rent heavy duty vehicles as biggest details weight is about 25kg

Such houses can be built at any place without ruining the landscape.

Building duration is about 30 days.

Due to its great aerodynamic form cold wind does not create regions of higher and lower pressure.

We create brigades for making foundations (6-7) IDPs, 2-3 brigades (3 IDPs each) for frame constructing (education and experience do not matter at this point) and roofer brigade (2-3 IDPs), metal workers and plumbers 3-4 IDPs, electricians 2-3 IDPs.

2.5. Constructingofsuncollectors, windgenerators, solarsystems, andartesianwells (3-4 projectsyears)

Our village should be fully independent. Electrical energy should be generated by wind and sun sources and we may use bio-fuels.
It will allow:

- to cover village need in electrical energy by producing it with alternative power sources

- to decrease load of state energy system

- to remove external factors influence on village life

For realization of this stage we create brigade of 5-7 IDPs. We may create sun collectors and sun batteries by ourselves.

2.6. Building facilities

Household water – artesian wells, bottled water, technical water for household needs ( first project year)

Farm water  - collecting rain (first project year)

Drainage system – after purifying according to standards we can use it for watering (realization term 5-6 years)

Individual hearing (heat pump, solid fuel boiler)

Hot water  - sun collectors (solar system) with additional water heating.

Stage 3: Building farm and production complex for creating jobs and providing village inhabitants with food and further commercial activity.

3.1. Settling nearby places – cattle sheds, paddocks and roads (sixth project year); 

3.2. Building hothouses (third project year)

Realization of this project stage will allow:

- provide vegetables, mushrooms etc for IDPs who will live in the village

- surplus will be sold at local markets to earn money for purchasing materials for building new houses in the village

3.3 Building compost pit and biogas unit for biomass treatment (fifth project year)

This project stage will allow utilizing wastes and recycling them

At the stage of creating eco village we offer 4 focus areas as projects for effective and successful work. It is very important to take into account social importance of creating eco village for locals.

1. Agricultural project for creating prototype agricultural station. Goal: implementing new, ecological friendly technologies with using genetically modified cultures and fertilizers.

2. Farmer project. Goal: support of farms by attracting fund for growing, storing and selling of ecologically clean products. Creating eco farms.

3. Social project. Goal: developing local self-administration, organization of new jobs, developing infrastructure for business and population.

4. Scientific and industrial project: creating research center for research and development of such areas: forest utilization and recovery, eco building, resource saving energetic, internet technologies, software development etc. Goal: creating economical space attractive for Ukrainian and foreign investors.

Basic principles for creating eco village:

Business activity of villagers: we create conditions in eco village to stimulate business activity, effective and careful using of resources and active life position.

Technology: while creating  eco village we use both classic and new technologies for building, energetic etc.

Ecology: technologies used in village are eco friendly and will not damage nature inside our outside the village

Creating eco village is natural reaction for situation in Ukraine. For now we have all conditions for it – more than 30 years of worldwide experience of eco villages, fast development of energy saving technologies, building technologies and IT.

Technologies which will be used in eco village

Eco houses

We will use concept of eco house while building eco village to solve following tasks:

- create comfortable houses which will follow building regulations at low cost of both building and future operation.

- decreasing expenses and used resources with energy saving technologies

- absence of harmful impact on environment and people by using eco friendly materials and technologies.

Ecological production complex will be created in village, which will include:

- showcase with zero energy usage house

- production base

- experimental area.

This complex is created for solving and realization of such aims and tasks:

- development and implementation of ecological entrepreneurship in our and nearby regions, which will help solving economical, ecological and social problems

- creating small companies with high tech production

- support of implementing new technologies in Ukrainian industry

Creating high tech objects in eco-technology sphere allows us to solve two main tasks:

- improving and energy and resource saving way of thinking and behavior of population

- earning money with commercial ecological production complex.


"May God continue to bring you all that you and your organization need through ways only He can provide. Hope to see all of you once I get to Ukraine again. God bless and you're all in my heart and prayers."
Renee l. Carpenter

Volunteer, Mokyang Presbyterian Church, USA

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