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Project "Creating and support center

for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region"

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Date: October 2015 – until today (open)

Short Project Summary:

Main idea of the project is “IDPs for IDPs”. Their knowledge, experience and skills can help other IDPs.

Creating single support center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankisk region to coordinate distributing humanitarian aid, holding master classes and trainings, lobbying IDPs’ interests at the local level.

- Attracting local authorities to solving problems of IDPs;

- Creating logistics center for IDPs support in Ivano-Frankivsk region

- Creating training center for IDPs basing on “IDPs for IDPs” principle (hosting various trainings, psychology, photography, computer education and hand made workshops)

- Protecting constitutional rights of IDPs for receiving land for building houses by creating eco-village at the Ivano-Frankivsk region

For the moment we can’t be sure that conflict at the Eastern Ukraine will finish in nearest future, thus creating a single support center will allow to search for foreign support and distribute it in the most efficient way.  Besides, it will allow in future to raise funds for IDPs projects in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

We will develop of cooperation system to work with local authorities, entrepreneurs and organization to involve local society in social work with IDPs.

We will also hold master classes for psychological rehabilitation of IDPs children with art-therapy. Their handiworks will be sold at auctions to earn money for IDPs needs.

The issue, which is going to be solved within the bounds of the project realization

Russian occupation of Crimea and destabilization of Donetsk and Lugansk regions forced Ukraine to meet new problem – the problem of IDPs. People from mentioned regions left their houses and jobs to escape rebels and moved to other regions of our country. Most of them have moved to central regions of Ukraine. However, some of them went to Western part of Ukraine. And some of them even leave Ukraine.

It is first time when Ukrainians have to migrate in such quantity due to military actions. More than 800 000 people left Donbas to other regions of Ukraine. About 130 000 went to Russia. IDPs from Eastern Ukraine meet lots of problems – access to social services, problems in searching place to live and work, registration at their new home.

No one can avoid stress. People forget things, they get tired and become aggressive. They can hardly make plans or schedule. Almost each IDPs has such problem.

Children suffer it even more.

Every IDPs has the same problems: no place to live, who to ask for medical/psychological/law help, where to get social payments and state help, where to find the job and how to take care of children.

UNIAN agency asked their followers in social network what Ukraine should do with IDPs from occupied regions. These are results of their poll:

- Reject IDPs and let them solve their problems on their own – 6.6%

- Allow IDPs to leave occupied territories safely but do not provide any help – 6.7%

- Provide them new house and goods so they could live in any other region of Ukraine (so that they will never return to occupied territories) – 29.8%

- Provide IDPs temporary houses, money support or job (so that they would return to occupied territories later) – 56.9%

These results show us that most of people are sure that IDPs need support and help. At least for the time they leave far from their home. However, everyone understands that state does not have money to help IDPs with everything they need. So more and more NGOs and their foreign partners start helping IDPs with their problems.

Constant feeling of fear, hard stress and broken life plans – these are only some of psychological problems which IDPs meet in their daily life.

Lost project of life is the biggest problem of many IDPs. These people had to leave all property and move to new place. They need help to calm down and find new perspectives. Some of them return to cities returned under governmental control and some stay at the place they have escaped to without place to live and work.

For a year of military activity many IDPs are on other stage of adaptation. They understand that they will not return to their homes in nearest future so they have to build their life at new place. They ask us to organize consulting concerning these themes - creating new strategic life plans, searching for job, making resume. They are ready to plan their new future.

Many IDPs left ATO zone without documents, warm clothes and money so they could afford only food after they arrived to new place. Some people need special diet food so it was even more complicated for them.

Though Ukrainian citizens have different opinions concerning IDPs (some think that there is no need to help IDPs and expect only bad things from them and some think that IDPs should be fully supported), IDPs themselves are not always burden. There are a lot of high class specialists among them who can become a part of their new local society and generate value and all they need is a bit of help to integrate to new society. We should follow the example of the USA who used this situation and welcomed the most valuable specialist. In any case our IDPs are the same people and citizens of Ukraine so we should support them for the future of united Ukraine.

For the 1st of March 2015 about 7000 of IDPs were registered in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Only two organizations help them. Most of society does not care about IDPs problems as well as local authorities which suffer lack of money and can’t solve even local problems. That is why we decided to create Single logistics support center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Ivano-Frankivsk city
Ivano-Frankivsk region
Disabled persons
IDPs who can work


Aim and task of the project

Project aims:

1. Using the building provided by city authority of Ivano-Frankivsk we will create single logistic support center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region – special establishment which provide social and law support to IDPs who are in complicated life conditions and need such help.

2. Creating educational and leisure center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region in the building provided by local authorities, which will allow to hold educational (trainings and seminars) and leisure (master-classes) activities


- Coordinating, control, methodical and informational support of organizations which work with IDPs and provide social work with families;

- Cooperation with local authorities, companies, organizations and local community in social work with IDPs;

- Organization of seminars, trainings and master-classes;

- Social and preventive work to avoid complicating of IDPs life;

- Social support, providing social services and other services directed to recovering IDPs social functions, their psychological and physical conditions;

- Informational work with IDPs;

- Evaluating IDPs needs in social services at each region and district;

Detailed description of activities and their objectives


Creating single logistic support center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Module aim: using the building provided by city authority of Ivano-Frankivsk we will create single logistic support center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region (hereinafter Center) – special establishment which provide social and law support to IDPs who are in complicated life conditions and need such help.

Module tasks:

- Coordinating, control, methodical and informational support of organizations which work with IDPs and provide social work with families;

- Purchasing food packages and household chemistry packages for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region

- Cooperation with local authorities, companies, organizations and local community in social work with IDPs;

- Organization of seminars, trainings and master-classes;

- Social and preventive work to avoid complicating of IDPs life;

- Social support, providing social services and other services directed to recovering IDPs social functions, their psychological and physical conditions;

- Informational work with IDPs;

- Evaluating IDPs needs in social services at each region and district;

Module realization

1a. We will create single logistic support center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region in the building provided by local authorities.

Specialists of this center will:

- create unified database of IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region;

- record real needs of IDPs (clothes, shoes, food etc.);

- contact and establish cooperation with humanitarian centers of Europe and America for receiving and distributing humanitarian aid;

- sorting and distributing humanitarian aid according to needs of each family.

Purchasing and distributing food packages (cereals, preserves and similar products) and household chemistry (soap, washing powder, shampoo etc)

1b. Creating department which will provide free law and social help for IDPs. Many IDPs do not know proper way to solve some problems they have and thus do not get any help.

- provide law and social help online and in person

- cooperation of NGOs lawyers, state authorities, human rights activists and attorneys

Center working hours – Monday to Friday 10.00 – 18.00. Employees of this center will be IDPs themselves.

1c. Create internet-resource for IDPs of Ivano-Frankivsk region to publish latest news and activities

We will create the web-site which will include blog for regular updates of information and news, useful information for IDPs and web-market for selling hand-made pieces made by IDPs.


Creating educational and leisure center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Module aim: Creating educational and leisure center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region in the building provided by local authorities, which will allow to hold educational (trainings, seminars and courses) and leisure (master-classes, sport) activities for IDPs.

Center tasks:

- adaptation of IDPs in new region;

- holding trainings concerning development of civil society, professional trainings for IDPs, trainings concerning social problems, self-management, financial education etc;

- holding master classes by IDPs about creating hand-made;

- creating hobby clubs

Module realization:

2a. Creating training center and master class center.

We will create separate rooms for trainings and masters classes at our research and leisure center. All activities will be provided for free.

- holding trainings for IDPs and local NGOs will allow us to teach IDPs, improve their professional level and provide new

- holding master classes will allow IDPs share their experience and find new talents

Organizations participating this stage: Ivano-Frankivsk regional employment center, Ivano-Frankivsk city executive committee.

Most of trainings and master classes will be held for IDPs and by IDPs. They will take place after working hours (after 18.00) or on weekend.

We plan holding trainings for NGOs development. It will allow us to train IDPs for lobbying their interests in local authorities establishments, fundraising their projects. This stage will allow to create a group of activists which will work on developing of social activity.

Master classes on:

Bead weaving (requires beads, monofilament, wire, special tools)

Making jewelry (required cords, glass and jewelry beads, accessories, adhesives, special tools)

Macramé (required cords, glue)

Decoupage (wipes, nail, paint, fabric, lace, glass beads)

Fabric flowers (ribbons, special tools, glue, candle, glass beads, accessories)

Embroider with ribbons (ribbons, special tools, glue, candle, glass beads, accessories)

Embroider (blank for embroidery, thread, needles, jewelry beads, beads, embroidery hoop)

The list is not finished and it will get larger when IDPs with start new kinds of master classes.

Art pieces will be sold at the web-site we create to purchase new materials for master classes.

2b. Creating children psychological support center

Children were affected both by military action and by moving to other region and by seeing how nervous their parents are. All grown ups didn’t understand what was happening and they were sure they will return back home in a couple of months.

Today we understand that nothing is going to stabilize in nearest future and IDPs to live in other regions for a long time or even for the rest of their life. Grown ups have to earn money for living. What should do retired people who are not able to work anymore? Or students who studied at the territory which is now occupied. All these questions has not been answered till now and they really worry IDPs. That is why psychologists have to work with IDPs to calm them down and help to avoid stress.

Some time ago a new psychological method appeared – art therapy for children. Its curative action helps in solving conflicts and problems, calms down, settles mind and feelings. These exercises help in expressing yourself, fighting aggression and improve self-esteem.

Activities will be held by experienced painters – IDPs from Donetsk.

Hippotherapy. It is very effective for quick-tempered, rude and aggressive and too fussy people. After regular sessions they become much quieter. Activities will be held in local horse riding club.

We will also have other forms of psychological rehabilitation.


Protecting constitutional rights of IDPs for receiving land for building houses

3.1. Creating NGO which will work on the particular problem of providing land and creating eco village.

While analyzing our experience of work with local authorities we made the conclusion this step is necessary. As NGO we can at least rent land for 49 years and attract foreign donors to building transportable houses. It will allow not just to build houses but also to create jobs and develop modern technologies.

3.2. Hosting 4 round tables for discussing concept and projects of eco village at Ivano-Frankivsk region. Creating group of IDPs who will work on this project.

3.3. Hosting 2 skype conferences with Ukrainian experts in this matter to discuss first stepps of realization eco village project.

3.4. Creating project and concept of eco village at Ivano-Frankivsk region to solve lack of accommodation for IDPs. 

3.5. While creating support center we will make a group of IDPs who will fundraise for this project.

The expected project outcomes

Long term project results:

- we will create single logistics support center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region – an establishment which helps with social and law problems met by IDPs;

- we will develop cooperation system with local authorities and local society so that they also worked with employees;

- we will create single database of IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region where we will record their real needs (shoes, clothes, food etc)

- training for IDPs and local NGOs will allow to teach employees and improve their skills;

- master classes will allow IDPs to share their experience and study something new;

- attracting other NGOs to IDPs problems in creating platform for solving problems at the highest level.

- we will develop a scheme for receiving land for building their own houses.

Short term project results:

- 3000-3500 IDPs will get support with food, shoes, clothes, domestic goods depending on their needs;

- 150 families will get product and household chemistry packages.

- 3000 IDPs will get latest and useful information from the resource we will create;

- 50-100 children will get psychological help with innovative methods;

- 100-200 children will be able to spend their free time, they will also be able to know more about culture of this Ukrainian region;

- 150-200 IDPs will solve their social and law problems;

- we will create Internet shop where IDPs can sell their hand-made to earn money and help organization budget



Problems in stage realization:


State council rejected our rent request for realization project in Ivano-Frankivsk from December 2015 till January 2016.

We found local businessmen who agreed to provide us office for free till mid 2017.

All humanitarian aid is sent to Kyiv and only then is sent all over Ukraine. It causes many problems for NGOs to transport this help over the regions of Ukraine as the transport charges for each cargo may be 1000-1500 Euro

We contacted the transporters who agreed to transport humanitarian cargos for free from abroad and inside Ukraine.


We searched for office for 2 months before the project realization started. On October 20-th 2015 we applied for free office in Ivano-Frankivsk( Molodezhnaya str 54). But at the end of October we had local elections all over Ukraine, thus we could not receive any answer until the elections are over. At the end of November 2015 new major of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsynkiv was elected, who is a representative of ultra-nationalistic party “Svoboda” as well as new deputies of regional and city councils.

Starting from November 1-st 2015 till January 31-st 2016 we were offered this place for distributing humanitarian aid. However, we could not have any activities in this office as there were no heating and electricity. We rented other office on hourly base.

According to Ukrainian laws NGO can receive the office for free if most of deputies of regional or city council will vote for providing it.

At the end of December city council had meeting where they declined out request and offer to consider office at the “Rukh” stadium. After examination of premises we found that it requires full repair which would cost 20 000 Euro.

That is why starting from January 2016 all our activity was directed on searching new appropriate place for office which could be used for distributing humanitarian aid and project activities.

In the idle of January 2016 private company “Galitskaya” agreed to provide us office with total space of 75 square meters. It was provided with probationary period till June 2016 and possible prolongation of rent depending of the results of prolongation period. The office was provided for free (we paid for facilities only) and the main condition was no commercial activity at the office.

Each person who we helped filled in special form and provided his data to register. Thus we created database of IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk city and region. We also made e-base of this data.

1. Create single logistic support center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region

For report period volunteers and specialists of the center found, delivered and distribute such humanitarian help:

1. Clothes, shoes, toys and hygienic products from organization  Kaplja vody pisara ry (Finland). Invoice № 3/2015 та 4/2015. Custom clearance 18.12.2015. Cargo – 8 tons.

2. We purchased and distributed 150 packs of domestic chemistry

3. We purchased and distributed 150 packs of food - rice with vegetables „Fortified rice-soy meal” from organization  „Stop hunger now” (USA) for 2800 IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region (total 3.8 tons)

4. Rice with soya protein „MannaPack” from organization „Feed my starving children” (USA) for 1500 IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region (total 2 tons)

5. Clothes, shoes, toys from Ukrainian diasporas in Canada (total 500 kgs)

6. Insulin, glucometers, other goods for diabetics for total cost of $5000

7. Wheelchairs for physically challenged IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region (15)

8. Dried soup mixes (1 ton) for 1 thousand IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region

For realization of this project we had to transport large cargos inside Ukraine and from abroad. It requires a lot of money as each truck transportation costs 1000-1500 Euro.

We contacted “Trans logistic” (Zaporizhje) company which delivered us cargo from France to Ukraine for free (6 tons) and  “Trans Pele” (Kyiv) company delivered us 8 tons of cargo from Kyiv to Ivano-Frankivsk for free.

During this project we received 16 tons of different humanitarian cargos for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Cost of these cargos is about 50 000 Euro.

All aid is distributed in Ivano-Frankivsk region among IDPs from ATO territories and Crimea.

Creating department which will provide free law and social help for IDPs

From the very beginning we established the project principle – IDPs help other IDPs. At the end of October 2015 IDPs NGO in Ivano-Frankivsk region “They need you” was created which had several lawyers (who were IDPs themselves) who provided legal support for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

In November 2015 our organizations signed the cooperation agreement according to which their lawyers helped us in solving problems of IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Unfortunately our common work lasted only till March 2016. After this they moved to Dnepr city where they started working in Dutch Council on IDPs problems in Dnepr city.

However the legal work has not been stopped. We found 3 lawyers among IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk who agreed to provide free legal help. Thus, IDPs can contact them and sign for free consulting in our or their office.

For the moment they provide legal support to our organization in our work on getting free plots for building eco village for IDPs and for IDPs themselves. As this process is traditionally very corrupted it would probably take a lot of time and efforts.

For the moment of this project 159 IDPs contacted or legal support in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The most common problems IDPs meet are:

1. Receiving subsidies for paying for facilities in rented flats.

The problem is that Ukrainian laws are not clear in this issue and each region its social department interprets the law in its own way. Many landlords do not agree for that as they believe it can give the IDPs some rights for their property, as according to law accounts should be transferred to IDPs.

They also have to sign official rent contracts and as 90% of landlords in Ukraine do not pay taxes they are afraid to do it in official way.
68 of IDPs contacted us concerning this issue.

2. Financial help for renting flat

For the moment we have a law stating establishing financial support for each IDPs who can work 442.00 UAH (15.00 Euro) and for IDPs who is not able to work 884.00 UAH (30.00 Euro).

You can imaging that is not enough if rent of 1 bedroom flat in Ivano-Frankivsk costs 2000.00 UAH (72.00 Euro) + facilities. However in December 2015-April 2016 Ministry of social politics of Ukraine  with police started audit of all IDPs in all region of Ukraine. After such audit payments for IDPs were delayed for 1-3 months. People knew nothing about the procedure of prolongation of these payments.
59 IDPs contacted us on this issue.

Employment and documents for retirement.

This problem appeared as Ukrainian still have labour book which has al records of person’s employments. This book is saved in HR department of the company. An noperson can be hired without such book.

Obviously after war actions started at the East of Ukraine no one took care of these books. Thus, it is quite problematic to find the job without such book.

We also have problems with retirement. According to law each person has to provide work references including terms of employment and salary which is the basis for pension amount. But as many archives are destroyed and they cannot get information from rebels authorities, we have a lot of problems caused by lack of this information.

It all makes IDPs to work illegally which in future decrease the amount of their pension.

32 IDPs contacted us on this issue.

We also meet a lot of mistreatment of IDPs even at the state level.

1. Each IDPs has to register in department of social security. He receives the IDP certificate which includes all his data. To keep this certificate valid in order to receive the compensation for flat rent (442.00 or 884.00 UAH) IDPs has to confirm it in social security department each 6 months. This abuses human right for free travel.

2. All payments can be transferred to account in only 1 state bank “Oschadbank”. It is explained by need of state agencies to check where IDPs spend their money. It abuses right for free choice of bank and bank secret.

3. IDPs were not able to vote without registration. It abuses the right of the person to choose and to be chosen. IDPs do not have their representatives in local councils who would protect their rights.

No petitions or open letters from Ukrainian NGOs or other organization influence Ukrainian government. Situation comes to a deadlock as IDPs are not able to find their new pace because of breaking their basic rights.

Creating educational and leisure center for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Difficulties at realization of this project stage:

Deny of city of council on our request for providing office from December 2015 till January 2016 We found local businessmen who agreed to provide office for free until mid 2017.
This project stage mostly depended on web-resource which had to be created during the project to attract funds. Anyone could provide some money and then receive a handmade gift for that.

Web-resource was made at the end of the project and is now tested.
We found the way to attract funds through our partners in Canada and Finland who agreed to participate at this project stage.


This project stage as well as the first one mostly depended on the provided office. Until february 2016 all activities were held in rented places.
In February 2016 we were provided the office and started working on the project in full volume.

Advertising company “Boomerang”(Ivano-Frankivsk)  and “La-trans” (Kyiv) company provided us 35 000 UAH of donation (1400.00 Euro) for furniture and thanks to private initiative of Bob Wouda (the Netherlands) we collected computers for our center. We have made 10 tables, 3 cases, purchased 30 chairs and received 10 used PCs.

At the first stage we needed team which would be able not just to realize this project but also to create new projects in order to solve IDPs problems. This team was gathered really quick thanks to humanitarian aid. Everyone who participated aid distribution agreed to continue working with us. Thus we created the team where everyone knows what he should to to solve his task. As a result we have several projects directed to solving IDPs problems in Ivano-Frankivsk ( I will describe them below).

Due to reasons mentioned above we had no web-resource and we had to find the way our. Our partners from Ukrainian diaspora in Canada and Finland agreed to help us. Handmade we made during master classes were sent to partners and they fundraised by giving these items for donations.

Creating training center and master class center.

1a. Holding trainings for IDPs and local NGOs will allow us to teach IDPs
Trainings on this stage were held in full volume.

After creating our team we started on improving our workflow for changing situation with IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Main themes of trainings are project creating and realization, fundraising and searching for humanitarian aid.

Besides members of our team many representative of Ivano-Frankivsk NGOs participated our trainings.

Thanks to project realization we established connections with Ivano-Frankivsk IDPs NGO “Epos” (created for realization of eco village project), NGO “You are needed” (created for solving law issues of IDPs) and Ivano-Frankivsk regional organization “Tryzub” (created for improving of social support for IDPs and ATO veterans). We plan common efforts coordination for solving IDPs problems in the IDPs support center.

1b. Holding master classes will allow IDPs share their experience and find new talents

Handmade master classes were held in full volume. We also involved local jewelry shop network “Stanislavsky jewelers”, which provided specialists for our master classes on creating jewelry. These master classes were very popular among IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Each master class consisted of 15 IDPs which in our opinion is the best amount of participants.

Handmade master classes were held for children and grown ups.

Master classes themes and quantity for grown ups:

1. Jewelry handmade - 8 master classes

2. Nail-polish handmade - 8 master classes

3. Cotton ribbon handmade – 8 master classes

4. Pendants handmade - 4 classes

5. Embroidery handmade - 6 master classes

Master classes themes and quantity for children:

1. Pendant handmade – 5 master classes

2. Felt handmade – 4 master classes

3. Plush handmade toys – 5 master classes

Main task of such activities is to support handmade techniques among IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk. It will allow them to earn some additional money.
Besides, such techniques support IDPs at their new homes psychologically.

15 IDPs received psychological correctional rehabilitation at each master class.

According to our experience we can state that handmade has positive influence on IDPs. It allows them to express their fantasies, emotions and feelings.

The results of handmade master classes with IDPs participation are the following:

1. Common sympathy and empathy

2. Self-understanding and self-expression

3. Creating positive emotional attitude

Creating children psychological support center

This project stage was fully realized.

We even increased the volume of this stage by extending it on children parents too.

One of IDP in Ivano-Frankivsk is a psychologist who could make correctional work using theater methods - forum-theater “Theater for dialogues”, where everyone could try himself as an actor and thus solving own psychological issues through acting. The program includes five 3-4-hour sessions for 12-16 participants. It focuses on acute problems of IDPs, such as adaptation to the new environment, interaction with local community and other practical and psychological problems which hinder integration of IDPs. The purpose of the program is to help IDPs gain wider perspective of the situation they are currently facing and encourage them for positive changes. During these sessions participants will be involved in common creative activities which will elicit the most acute concerns and grounds they are based on, as well as reveal inner resources that will help IDPs tackle the existing problems. Participation in the program will help IDPs see opportunities in difficulties and turn unfavorable situations they are currently facing to their favor. As a result, participants come up with appropriate solutions to problems that IDPs are currently facing. The shared experience and practical knowledge acquired during the sessions will help IDPs easier adapt to the new life, as well as prevent and resolve discord that may arise between IDPs and the local citizens. Thus, it will help IDPs integrate into the local community.

We plan such courses for 2 groups of IDPs.

Besides, there are students of psychological faculty who would like to work with IDPs as summer practice until August 31st 2016

2a. Art therapy for children

Activities on this stage supposed to be made for children. However we decided to involve grown ups to the rehabilitation process.

That is why these activities were visited by IDP children and grown-ups registered in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Main idea of painting techniques is objectivization of internal emotions and feelings as visual representations. At the moments of greatest emotional overload you can take paints, pencils or anything else and feel that the process of painting brings some kind of childish joy and present you some special feelings.

Each class was visited by 20 IDPs.

The practice show that painting therapy shows positive results and allows IDPs to express their fantasies, emotions and feelings thus helps them to change their mindset.

Expected results of using paint therapy are following:

1. Feelings of common empathy

2. Free self expression and self-understanding

3. Improving adaptations abilities

4. Generating positive emotions.

2b. Hippotherapy.

This project stage was 100% realized.

We had 20 classes for children and grown in horse riding club “Wesdorff”.

Each class was visited by 10 children and 5 grown ups.

The idea of hippotherapy is based on following:

1. Horse riding requires using of all body muscles

2. Thus it improves or recovers lost/damages body functions

3. Riding also improves balance ability

4. It greatly improves psychological state

Hippotherapy includes not only horse riding but also taking care of horses and communications with them which allows to remove stress, anxiety and alertness.

Riding also improves ability to overcome stress, reaction speed, self-belief, decrease level of aggression and anxiety.

Conclusions of this project stage

Worldpractice shows us that about 15-20% of IDPs require psychological help. At the same time according to information from Ukrainian specialists every IDPs from Donbass has some kind of stress.

Psychological problems of these IDPs are quite common for this kind of situation. However, they may be specific due to ideological views.

Many people who left Donbass concentrate on their psychological problems, do not want to start new life and wait for the time when they can return to their previous one, thus they do not contact with new society.

Many IDPs suffer from deadaptation which is a negation reaction for long term stress situation. This problem impair their social and professional condition.

Symptoms of deadaptation are as follows: depression, sadness, anxiety, behaviour disorder, chest pains and problems with breathing.

They also suffer inability to handle daily life and professional tasks and future planning.

Proper and timely treatment does not allow deadaptation to become depression.

We also met cases when IDPs suffered posttraumatic stress disorder.

Its main symptoms are: intrusive memories, lost of life happiness, apathy, emotionally exalted, anxiety, anger outbursts etc. To cure it we need to use both drugs and psychotherapy.

We need to handle all these problems immediately. Otherwise it would cause really bad results in society.

Additional activity during the project.

During project realization we also decided to work on solving problems with homes for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Creating and fundraising eco-village project for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Work on providing plots for personal building for IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

For the moment we are waiting for donor and searching for proper land to build the eco-village.

In the middle of November Prime-Minister of Ukraine Yantsenuk and First Vice Prime-Minister Zubko told that Ukraine has received grants for infrastructure projects to solve IDPs problems and regions do not provide any projects. In 2 days we finished our project and Verkhovna Rada deputies Ostap Yednak and Roman Matsola send this project for consideration to Vice Prime Minister. On December 16-th 2015, Prime Minister entrusted to Minister of Finances of Ukraine Yaresko N, Minister of social politics Rozenko, First Vice Prime Minister Zubko and head of Ivano-Frankivsk regional state administration Goncharuk to support this project.

Idea of creating eco village for IDPs was widely supported by local population in Ivano-Frankivsk region. 2 local TV companies made news concerning it and “Vezha” channel made a 25-minutes program about it.

This project is applied for financing at the first stage by local state budget and at 2-3 stages by donor organization.

Also on December 16-th 2015 Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved act #1094 “Concerning approving of Complex state program for support, social adaptation and reintegration of internally displaced Ukrainians for period of 2017” which in practice is very close to our project concerning creating of eco village.

We have met a large bureaucratic apparatus. Ministry which controls realization of IDPs projects replies that if fact they are not responsible for it.  We have contacted 2 new Ministers - Ministry of occupied territories and Ministry of economical development and trading. After their replies we will understand what actions should we take further.

In the first part of the project we were not able to realize all activities we planned due to high load of experts and trainers. It is not critical for project realization as we will have these activities in part 2 and 3 of the project.

We started work on personal IDPs plots in April 2016. We had to check a lot of places to find available and then find out which local authorities to contact.

For the moment we have only negative results. It is caused by high level of corruption in the issue of providing plots for people.

Digital photography classes. 2 professional photographers teach IDPs basic digital photography. We plans to make an exhibition of their works by the end of this year.

Technoliteracy classes concerning basics of using Windows, Office etc.

On December 4-th 2015 our work was awarded by Ukranian Orthodoxal Church and we received medal “For self-sacrifice and love to Ukraine”


"This organizations has own Ukrainian staff and all are volunteer people. The reason of my support is the fact that the volunteers have knowledge, organize very good projects concentrated on the education from children, the protecting of young women by giving good information and other but need the support from abroad."
Bob Wouda

Director, Care Centre The Hynder Hoeve, the Netherlands

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"Sergey is a big thanks to you! You have a good team and you do really a lot for people. Do not stop"
Natalia Eloranta

Volunteer in Finland