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Project "Children summer daytime camp for IDPs children in Ivano-Frankivsk"


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Activity description

As we know during summer vacation children rest from hard work during school year, recover their energy, health and develop their creative potential. These are main targets of summer daytime camp.

This direction includes complex activity aimed at improving health, providing children with rest and proper care.

It is also required by following needs:

- Organization of meaningful rest for children while improving their health, supporting their personal development and development of their creative abilities.

- According to the aim we have following tasks:

- Create conditions for improving health of children and supporting healthy lifestyle;
Involve children in sport activities;

- Provide cultural and educational experience for children by excursions, contests, concerts, games and visiting theatres and museums;

- Create volunteer team consisting of high school children who are interested in pedagogical activity.
Involve parents in activities;

Objective factors of camp work. Camp model has some objective factors which define its work.

Temporary character of children union.

Various activity – all period is full of different activities which attracts children to spending time in the camp as they want to tryxcursions, contests, concerts, games and visiting theatres and museums;

everything. We offerwide spectrum of activities in our camp.

Intensive mastering of different skills by children – children are getting interested in the activity as it is followed by some positive result. In this way personal approach means that intensity should be equal to abilities of the person.

Changing position of the child – changing previous, mostly negative behavior.

Clear daily regimen – maximal using of natural and climate factors and rational organization of children daily regime.

Project realization stages

Stage name
Means and forms of activities
Preparation stage Selecting personnel. Creating methodical materials for camp participants. Developing surveys. Selecting participants. Developing activities for project realization, project budget and common plan Working group meetings
Organization period Meeting children, defining leader, organization and creative abilities. Starting of camp session game model. Introducing camp rules and acquaintance. Session opening; presentation of session program, creative and master classes. Acquaintance of children in their groups, primary diagnostics, correcting camp plan according to children requests.
Main stage Realization of main principles and game model; excursions. Role and business games, excursions.
Summary stage

Session summary

Analysis of offers concerning summer health camp in future provided by children, parents and pedagogues.

Collecting report data


Closing the camp session and analytical work.

Analytical stage Reflection and developing new perspectives of project development Final meeting of work group

Activities content:

Project content can be divided in 3 main blocks closely connected to each other:

1-st – health

2-nd – studying(classes)

3-rd – educational (mass activities, excursions, exhibitions, contests etc.)

Most of camp participants are IDPs children from ATO territories and Crimea who live in Ivano-Frankivsk aged 3-14 (up to 30 children session).

Children are divided into groups 10 people each with pedagogue attached to each group. Each group has its own name and motto. Project building logic is following:  realization of session aims is a kind of adventure game.

Camp is free for all children.

During camp sessions all campers will be able to participate interesting excursions. We will have contests, quizzes, activities during the session participated by children who will be able to show their intellect, creative and physical skills.

We also offer bonus scheme in the camp to stimulate personal development. For active participation activities, winning contests, sport contests teams and teammates will be awarded with bonuses. At the final day of the session children will be able to spend bonuses for gifts for their friends and gifts for themselves, we will also announce the winner who will take main prize of the session. 

Psychological support of the session:

Beginning of the session – games to unite children and to get acquainted with each other;

Emotional state at the end of the day;

Survey at the beginning of the session “The camp is…”;

Survey at the end of the session “I am in the circle…”.

Forms of realization:

Organization and holding activities, forming healthy lifestyle: sport activities, physical training, contests and games;

Involving senior pupils and parents in sport activities and hiking;

Thematic activities and discussions, directed to preventing bad habits, organization of healthy and ecological lifestyle;

Complex nutrition and vitamin drinks

Most of activities are held outdoors.

Besides described results we expect:

Creating positive motivation for participation in master classes and camp activities

Creating motivation for active life attitude and forming healthy lifestyle;

High quality and emotional rest for children;

Increasing level and happiness of children and their families of our camp



"Sergey is a big thanks to you! You have a good team and you do really a lot for people. Do not stop"
Natalia Eloranta

Volunteer in Finland

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"May God continue to bring you all that you and your organization need through ways only He can provide. Hope to see all of you once I get to Ukraine again. God bless and you're all in my heart and prayers."
Renee L. Carpenter

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