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Malcolm Phillips (Fairfax, USA)

85 food packages (about 13 kg each) found their owners. We have focused on the fact that the settlers were distracted from the problems and just have a good New Year met.
Now it is very important to get at least some positive emotions.

Humanitarian aid is unloaded there in Ivano-Frankivsk delivered. There were minor problems, but thanks to customs brokers and Ivano-Frankivsk customs for prompt resolution. Thank you.
Thank you guys for helping IDPs, in unloading. After 17:00 it is about 15 people. Unloaded and a half hours.
Thank you "TransLogistik" for shipping

From Italy came Insulin - NovoRapid 54 ml, Humulin 10ml, Levemir 21 ml, Lantus SoloStar 12 ml.
Also a large number of insulin syringes, needles. There is also a test strip.
Thank Ukrainian Diaspora in Italy - Viktoria Skyba

The car is loaded in Finland. On Monday, the heads for Ivano-Frankivsk. By the end of the week, if all goes well, we expect the car with us.
Almost 8 tons of clothes, shoes, toys and others.

2 parcels came from our friends from Canada with clothes. 30 kg. Thanks to the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada - Roman Yerenik and Bernie Cherak for helping IDPs and Ukraine.
dissemination report will be a little later.

Today we have awarded great honor. Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine Filaret awarded us the Medal "For the sacrifice and love for Ukraine."
Over the 1.5 years we have probably gone as many as have been 15 years in Lugansk. And it is worthy of the award is not for me, no. This is a worthy reward for all of us - all those involved in the assistance to Ukraine.

Get 3 parcels with humanitarian aid for IDPs from our partners from Canada. 46 kg. Tomorrow parcel will be delivered to the warehouse, and people get rice can choose clothes.
Thanks Roman Yereniuk and Bernie Cherak for help. Thank you for more than 1.5 years of helping IDPs from faraway Canada

We got 3850 kg of rice for the displaced in Ivano-Frankivsk.
I want to thank the company Lugansk carrier "Transpele" for free shipping the goods from Kiev to Ivano-Frankovsk. You know sometimes there is a feeling that no one will help us, as we do not begin to help themselves. How is it, in this case - from Kiev lugansk bussines helping IDPs from the Donbass in Ivano-Frankivsk. We were looking for the last month of the carrier, and here for a week and could agree to translate. Thank you.
I would also like to thank the City Council for providing storage space for cargo.
To date, over 1,800 people have already received this assistance.

We got a 12 HP dx5150 system blocks and 12 monitors from the Netherlands. Thanks Bob Wouda for such a gift, thank you to our partners «Meest Group» for help in the free transport from Nikolaev to Ivano-Frankivsk. I also want to thank all of those who care for their assistance.
Now we are strongly looking for an office to be able to install the computer and start learning the computer literacy IDPs is not on your toes in the 90s. We were assured that the end of October we will have the room.

Today, our benefactors from Finland sent officially signed documents on humanitarian aid. 4680 kg of clothing, footwear and other necessary items are intended for displaced people in Ivano-Frankivsk.
This week, the documents will be prepared for the Ministry of Social Policy for the recognition of humanitarian cargo. Those. around the end of October - early November, the goods must be in Ivano-Frankivsk. Would to God that everything went well and we were able to bring the goods to the specified terms. Thanks to all who participated in the organization of cargo.

Yesterday, in Ivano-Frankivsk was attended by representatives of our reliable partner in the implementation of projects in the Netherlands.
The meeting discussed the problems IDPs in Ivano-Frankivsk, solutions, plans for new projects. This means that the idea of a settlement for displaced people began to take concrete features.

Today we visited our friends bikers from the Netherlands. A meeting was organized with the settlers of Ivano-Frankivsk, where they expressed the problems that concern them in the first place. After their visit, there should be an article in the Dutch Journal of the problems of IDPs and their trip to Ukraine.
Thanks Bob Wouda for not forgetting about us. Thanks Mark Bergsteijn for this visit. I think that this is not our last meeting. Some may express pessimism about such meetings - talked and dispersed. But all the foreign guests - it is not our government that can barely speak and paint rosy reports. These people are looking for reliable partners, they want to help - and so come to see with their own eyes and to assess the scale of assistance. Even if one person after written article agrees to help Ukraine - it is a great achievement for all of us. So together to win.

Already 80 sets of medicine found their owners among the settlers. Thank you to all our partners for selected drugs and their transportation from Kiev to Ivano-Frankovsk. Thanks also to our partners from the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada - Bernie Cherak and Roman Yereniuk - for toothpaste and dental floss, we also handed persons.
Also thanks to the new public organization "Tryzub" for the receipt, storage and packaging (logistics). As I wrote - good to have a team of associates.

At the Monday, August 3rd there was a meeting with a representative of the OSCE monitoring mission.
Basically, I did not expect to meet something grand. The meeting was attended by representatives of four organizations that are made up of IDPs, based IDPs and deal with the problems of IDPs. We talked about the problems of displaced persons, we were told that as part of the mission of the OSCE, they are entitled only to monitor the situation, summarize it in their reports and to propose to the Government to solve these problems. I think it's at least something.
But the biggest positive in this meeting, I see that the representatives of the organizations met together and discussed the main issues on which work is, even developed a small, but understanding the way of solving problems.
The most important issues have been raised - is the problem of housing and land. In the near future we will, I think, to develop a strategy to solve this problem.


Thanks to our partners «Meest Group» has come from Kiev drugs, many of which were recorded.
Unfortunately this is not the first-aid kits, namely drugs. A list of drugs I wrote earlier. We now need to expand each of these medications in a separate package. Unfortunately, it's only for 100 displaced families.
I'll let you know extra time and place where you can take these drugs, as well as fill in some paper statements in Kiev.

During my absence (2.5 weeks), I realized how important the team with which you work.
As you know, we got a lot of help from our friends from Finland (6500 kg) and Canada (180 kg). During this time, more than half of aid distributed. More than 70 families have received very good jackets, sweaters, pants, T-shirts. Already almost no shoes. This is the way the kind of help.
I would like to express my gratitude to Elena Tsmykh and Skalovtsy Victoria for their hard work in organizing the dissemination of aid. I want to thank all the persons who helped sort, carry boxes (from the 1st floor to the 3rd and back)). Thank you very much.

Report corsets that were passed to us by our Finnish philanthropists. We do not know which will suit Vitaly, so we gave 4 pieces. Thank God Vitaly one came. We had 3 of the corset and I did not know who they might need. It turned out that many IDPs back problems, and corsets are needed. IDPs now ask about corsets.
Here is a photo report. Thanks to our Finnish friends.

Thanks to our Finnish friends. Together with humanitarian aid was transferred to 4 corset family Lavuta. In the past two corset Vitaly did not come and we were afraid that these braces do not fit. Thank God, however, one of the 4 corsets approached and now the problem is solved. Who needs corsets for the back contact - there are still 3.
Thanks again to our Finnish friends, colleagues, volunteers, benefactors for this gift.

Report on the distribution of insulin. Family is very needed it in NovoRapid. They spend more money to buy the insulin. Thanks Viktoria Skyba and Ukrainian Diaspora in Italy of the insulin family enough for 2-3 months.
Thank you to all who supported and supports Ukraine in such a difficult time for our country. Everything will be Ukraine.

All delivered. Yesterday, the goods arrived at their destination - Ivano-Frankivsk. Three days of nerves, worries and sleepless nights. Every time some new and new obstacles to overcome. Every time we get a little higher. When there are obstacles - think: "Why do you need this? Why waste your nerves and strength? ". When you solve all the problems comes judgment.
You can not take partners in Finland, who collected the goods, sort it, were documents batters for transportation to Ukraine.
You can not take people who need this assistance.
In addressing you gain new friends.
The main thing is that the cargo is delivered. And the problems are solved.
Unloading in Lviv, loading into another car in Lviv, and unloading in Ivano-Frankivsk away a lot of energy. Thank you to all the volunteers in Finland, who provided such assistance.

Thanks to our partners, "Meest Group" today in Ivano-Frankivsk arrived 9 parcels of humanitarian aid from Canada. 150 kg of clothing for refugees in Ivano-Frankivsk.
We are grateful to our long-standing and reliable partner Roman Yereniuk, Bernie Cherak and Nettie Cherniatenski for their help.

Today, the car was loaded with humanitarian aid from Finland. Tomorrow the machine travels in the direction of Lviv (for clearance), and proceed to their final destination in Ivano-Frankivsk. Cargo (7000 kg) is intended for persons in Ivano-Frankivsk. Thank you to all the volunteers in Finland for this great gift.

Today we are handing out food to the refugees, who live in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Thank you Dr. Renate Wohlwend and Yana & Sven Moenkedieck for financial assistance. For the money it was bought products for the most needy families.
A report in the appropriate section of the site will be put up soon.

Came another parcel of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada, with the clothes on our long-standing and reliable partner Roman Yereniuk. Weight 21 kg. Today we have 83 kg of clothing and shoes from the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada.Parcels from Yereniuk Roman, Bernie Cherak and Nettie Cherniatensky. Distribution of humanitarian aid in Ivano-Frankivsk is scheduled for mid-July. Thanks to all who help. We look forward to continued cooperation

Thanks to all who help. As I wrote earlier, we have two families of IDPs who have a family member with cancer. Helping someone we can. Thank you Dr. Renate Wohlwend and Yana & Sven Moenkedieck for help. Listed at 700 hryvnia each family. Money spent on essential medicines.
These families need help. Medications are expensive, and soon all have chemotherapy. Therefore, we help distribute information.

Came 3 parcels of clothing and footwear with a total weight of 62 kg. Thank you Bernie Cherak and Roman Yereniuk for help. In mid-July we will distribute it among the displaced in Ivano-Frankivsk. Then there is the report. Thanks again for the help everyone who helps.

Keep doing good deeds.
Photo report of distribution of insulin. Settlers from the area of the ATO in Ivano-Frankivsk is very needed insulin. They spend more money to buy it. We needed a Humalog and Humalin. Now, at least 5 months of our IDPs will not need insulin.
Thank Viktoria Skyba, Yuriy Kozachyshyn and Ukrainian diaspora for providing medication. Thanks to all who help. Together we are a force and a strong fist.

Photo report on the distribution of products.
Thank Lviv organization "Relief armії Ukraine" and donation Yana and Sven Moenkedieck for the assistance. Condensed milk, meat stew, canned fish, noodles, cereal. Thanks to all who help. We are very happy to have such wonderful friends

Keep doing good things. Thanks Bob Wouda we received humanitarian aid from the Netherlands - 60 boxes of children's clothes, 400 kg. It was decided to extend this assistance to families of soldiers killed in the ATO, which are in the Lviv region.
Thanks to Andrew Vatulyak and "Avtomaydan updated" this aid given to help families in the center of the participants ATO. Thanks Bob.

Report on the distribution of gifts from American children to Ukrainian children. 55 gifts we have been able to bring in Ivano-Frankivsk. The rest were distributed in Lviv.
Each box was a soft toy, stationery, crayons for drawing, candy, etc.

Yesterday we received another 3 parcels from the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada.
50 kg of clothes, shoes and toys will be donated refugees in the Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. We express our gratitude to Ukrainian Canadian Social Services Toronto Inc. and Nettie V Cherniatenski (PLL) for assistance. Thanks to all who help.

Today we have a small batch of foodstuffs. We thank our partners from Lviv - the help of the army of Ukraine.
612 kg of foodstuffs - cereal, canned, pates, condensed milk, dried pasta - will be distributed to refugees in Ivano-Frankivsk. Thank you for that kind of necessary products. The report is expected later.

We received 3 parcels from Roman Yereniuk and Oksana Kozak - Ukrainian diaspora in Canada, Winnipeg and Oshawa. 43 kilograms - clothes, shoes, toys.
Thank you for supporting Ukrainian diaspora and civil position in this difficult time for us.

Thanks to the Ukrainian diaspora in Italy we received the second batch of insulin for refugees. Today she will go to the East of Ukraine. Thanks to all who support and help in this difficult hour. Soon there will be a report on the distribution.
Lantus - 128 ml, Apidra - 12 ml, Humalog - 60 ml, Humalin - 6 ml, NovoRapid - 45 ml

Yesterday our camp in Lviv visited our friends from Finland. It was a very pleasant and interesting visit. Guests distributed gifts to the children. We discussed our plans for further cooperation, met with interesting people from Lions Club. Also met with representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada - Sonja and John Shalewa.
Thank you for your assistance in this difficult time for our country. We hope that together we will be able to rise and bring our country to a new level. Thank you for a rewarding time.

Yesterday our camp in Lviv visited our old friend from the Netherlands, a professor at the Catholic University in Lviv, pastor Reformed Church in Amsterdam - Heleen Zorgdrager. In 2006, she came to Lugansk where he got acquainted with the work of our organization. As mentioned at the time of the Soviet Union - a meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere :)
Heleen acquainted with the work camps, talking with refugees. Outlined specific plans for the future.

Together with refugees in Ivano-Frankivsk participated in the tree planting. Now in the Ivano-Frankivsk there trees alley refugees :)
Trees were given control of municipal services the city of Ivano-Frankivsk.

Insulin for children handed over to City Hospital Kremennaya (Lugansk region, East Ukraine). This aid be enough for 1-2 months for all children of this city who suffer from diabetes.
Doctors have expressed gratitude to the Ukrainian diaspora in Italy. We think that this is not the last batch of medications in the Luhansk region.

All humanitarian aid, which was intended for the East of Ukraine - was distributed. Hundreds of refugees have received clothing, shoes, bed linen.
It is noteworthy that all things were in perfect condition, so they can be used more than one year.

Humanitarian aid from organizations Kaplja vory Pisara ry (Finland) and Teestube David - Unsere Hilfe zum Leben nach Tschernobyl eV (Germany) sent to the city of Kremennaja and Lisichansk (Lugansk region, East Ukraine).
The report is expected later

Thanks to Ukrainian Diaspora in Italy we received insulin for children's refugee in the Luhansk region. Thank you very much. We hope that this will not be the first nor the last of our cooperation.
Together with the load from Finland and Germany these medicines go to the East. The report is expected later. Doing good is pleasant, despite the difficulties.

We received humanitarian aid from the organization Kaplja vory Pisara ry (Finland). 6923.3 kg of clothes, shoes, bedding and toys worth 23,202.20 euros.
The cargo will travel to the city Kremennaya and Lisichansk (Lugansk region, Eastern Ukraine) and will be distributed among the refugees in these cities.

We received humanitarian aid from the organization Teestube David - Unsere Hilfe zum Leben nach Tschernobyl eV (Germany). 2315 kg of clothing, bedding, toys and stationery worth 3,298.40 euros.
The cargo will travel to the city Kremennaya and Lisichansk (Lugansk region, Eastern Ukraine) and will be distributed among the refugees in these cities.


"The leadership of the Charitable organization “Lviv regional charitable foundation “Teenager” under Serhiy Popov should be seen as dedicated survivors and models for other NGO in Ukraine. Their dedication and organization skills are first class and speak highly about what role the not for profit sector NGOs can play in Ukraine."
Roman Yereniuk

Roman Yereniuk, PLL Coordinator, Project “Liubov – Love”, Canada

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"Great organisation with great people! See you in March! I miss all there in Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!!"
Malcolme Phillips

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