As of January 26, 2015 at the territory controlled by Ukraine Luhansk region registered 111,977 IDPs from the "LPR-pro-russian rebels Luhansk Public Republic ".

The largest number of IDPs registered in Severodonetsk (20 207) and Belovodsk area (18000). More than 83 000 of those who moved to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government - are pensioners, about 8300 - Children, 2616 - persons with disabilities.

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On January 1, 2015 in the Lviv region, there are about 25,000 IDPs. This is not only in Lviv, but in all the Lviv region.

In Lviv region we created refugee camp for 140-180 refugees (free food and place to live).

From the very beginning of camp existing (May 2014) we aimed to provide shelter for IDPs and adapt them to new conditions for long term. Some of them could start new life within 2-3 weeks and some required 3-5 month to start living outside the camp.

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For the 1st of March 2015 about 7000 of IDPs were registered in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Only two organizations help them. Most of society does not care about refugees’ problems as well as local authorities which suffer lack of money and can’t solve even local problems.

The situation in Ukraine is far from solution. Thousand of refugees can’t get to their homes and take their things to territories under governmental control. War continues over a year and we do not see its end. IDPs have no clothes, homes and government does not support them (help for each person is about 30 Euro in month).

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